About Us

Blacklock’s Reporter covers news you won’t find anywhere else: bills and regulations; reports and committees; Federal Court and public accounts. We’re the only reporter-owned and operated newsroom in Ottawa that finds the facts needed by business, labour and associations.


Tom Korski

Managing Editor

Tom is a former radio man who covered politics for dailies in Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton. He was Beijing correspondent for the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong. Tom joined the Press gallery in 1993.

Holly Doan


Holly is an award-winning journalist who joined the gallery in 1993. She reported for CBC and CTV in four provinces, was CTV Beijing Bureau Chief in 1995-8, and produced political history documentaries for CPAC.

Alex Binkley

Resources editor

Alex reported for The Canadian Press from 1971, working in Montreal and Halifax before joining the gallery in 1975. He has been a freelance correspondent for publications in Canada, the US and England since 1993.

Kaven Baker-Voakes

Economics editor

Kaven joined the gallery in 2009, specializing in business and trade news. Kaven has an MA from Carleton’s school of European, Russian & Eurasian studies. He’s worked in China and completed research in Uzbekistan.


Remembered for his newsroom credo – “That ain’t the way I heard it!” – Thomas Hyland Blacklock was a pioneer publisher and war correspondent. Born in Halton County, Ont. in 1870, he became a frontier editor and first mayor of Weyburn, Sask. in 1903. Assigned to Parliament Hill by the Winnipeg Telegram in 1912 Tom remained a gallery man for life with columns published from Victoria to Halifax. As a WWI correspondent for the Montreal Gazette he was a passionate advocate of the troops, and became a confidante of Prime Minister Robert Borden. “I always held him in the warmest affection,” Borden recalled. In peacetime Tom served as 1922 president of the Ottawa Press Gallery and co-founded the Canadiana news service. At his death in 1934, the entire Ottawa press corps mourned Tom as “a keen observer blessed with a sense of proportion.”