OK Climate Loans & Rebates

Cabinet will introduce interest-free loans for climate change home refits and rebate a portion of carbon taxes paid by farmers, according to budget documents. It follows a proposal to raise the federal carbon tax 240 percent by 2030: "I have personally seen bills for the carbon tax of tens of thousands of dollars." READ MORE

Fix $15 Fed Minimum Wage

Cabinet will mandate a $15 an hour federal minimum wage, the first increase since 1996. The rate would apply to workers in federally-regulated private sector workplaces like airports and radio stations but is a “pace setter” for provinces, said the Canadian Labour Congress: "It should exert some upward pressure." READ MORE

‘My Job Is To Ensure Safety’

An internet censorship bill to promote “content moderation” will be introduced within two weeks, says Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault. “My job is to ensure the safety and security of the Canadian population,” said Guilbeault. “That’s what I am here for.” READ MORE

Staff Stressed ‘Success’ Stories

The Prime Minister’s Office in internal emails directed staff to “use the success stories” in public announcements on pandemic management. Staff recommended skewing information to emphasize positive news over factual reporting: "Use the success stories rather than specific delivery numbers." READ MORE

Did Absolute Best Says Hajdu

Health Minister Patricia Hajdu told the Commons health committee she is grateful for employees “doing their absolute best” this pandemic, but stopped short of an apology for mismanagement cited by auditors. “Are you the minister responsible for the Public Health Agency?” asked New Democrat MP Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway). “Yes I am,” replied Hajdu. READ MORE

Pot Firing Worth $5K Penalty

A federal labour arbitrator has ordered Canadian National Railway Co. to pay $5,000 in damages to an employee fired for using marijuana a day before his shift. “Flimsy,” the arbitrator ruled: "I find it difficult to accept the company could possibly believe it had grounds to dismiss." READ MORE

Youth Grants Cost $117M

A national grant program for youth volunteers went about 12 percent over budget to more than $117 million, according to labour department figures. Cabinet launched the Canada Service Corps three years ago: "It helps them develop relationships." READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Angus Reid

Party A, Party B

There has frankly not been a leader in Canada in recent memory, with perhaps the exception of the late Jack Layton, who really so fired up Canadian emotions that he’d lead people who were normally sitting on the sidelines, somewhat confused and complacent about politics, to go out and vote. How many people really believe the difference between Party A and Party B is going to be that big anyhow? There is a lot of cynicism, that ‘my vote is not going to count because no one out there is actually speaking to my issue.’ We’ve gone through many periods where people have governed this country with less than forty percent of the popular vote, and I suspect that’s going to continue.