We Charity Uproar In Senate

The Senate last night erupted in protest after a legislator called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a bribe-taker. Sharp words came during debate on a motion to investigate federal funding for We Charity: "I’d be more than happy to see him in a court of law." READ MORE

Farm Carbon Tax Is $235M

The carbon tax will cost farmers at least $235 million over five years, the Parliamentary Budget Office said yesterday. The Department of Agriculture had concealed the data as secret: "These are exorbitant bills." READ MORE

Travel & Publicity Cost $1.5M

Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna in a report to Parliament said a federal bank created to finance public works instead spent more than $1.5 million on travel and publicity. Two-thirds of the Canada Infrastructure Bank office budget went to salaries and benefits: "We were expecting to see roads, bridges." READ MORE

Bank Pays $500,000 Penalty

Federal regulators yesterday disclosed the Bank of Montreal paid a $500,000 fine for misconduct in the sale of credit card insurance. The Bank had appealed to keep the matter private: "I note this issue came to light as a result of a customer complaint." READ MORE

Admit ‘Leakage’ In Web Tax

The Canada Revenue Agency yesterday said it expects “some” tax-dodging under a proposal to charge the GST on e-commerce. “We always have some compliance challenges,” Revenue Commissioner Bob Hamilton told the Commons public accounts committee: "There is always some leakage in the tax system." READ MORE

Air Sector Buried In Debts

Canadian airports will take on $2.8 billion in debt with a disastrous decline in passenger revenues, the Commons transport committee was told yesterday. Cabinet has extended airport rent relief, though the industry said it was in no position to pay rents in the first place: "The outlook is bleak." READ MORE

Kenya Investment Lost $51M

A Kenyan door-to-door sales company that received federal subsidies lost more than $50 million on business operations, records show. The Canadian agency that approved the funding yesterday defended it as a good investment: "It has high potential." READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Ken Georgetti

My First Job

My first paycheque was $26. I remember one oldtimer telling me, “You don’t have to be smart or know all the answers to work hard. You can compensate for a lot with hard work.” I never forgot that miner’s advice. It is a philosophy that guides me. People recognize effort.