On-Air Contest Broke Rules

A national panel yesterday cited a radio station for breaching ethics guidelines for on-air contests. Listeners were urged to contact the station for a chance to win a sun holiday after the draw was already made: "I'm excited!" READ MORE

Claim Denied Over Cannabis

Life insurers may deny claims by policyholders who conceal marijuana use, says the British Columbia Supreme Court. Underwriters testified people who smoke even a fraction of the amount allowed by Parliament are uninsurable: "All insurance is based on risk." READ MORE

Cite Atlantic Labour Shortage

A federal agency predicts severe labour shortages in Atlantic Canada though local jobless rates are double or triple the national average. Researchers blamed the departure of young people to other provinces, and wage rates ten percent below the rest of the country: "Further research is needed." READ MORE

Board Probes Railway Deaths

The Transportation Safety Board yesterday said it’s investigating a statistical spike in rail crossing accidents in winter months. The Board counted 151 casualties in the last three years including 61 motorists killed at level crossings: "These tragedies can be prevented." READ MORE

Find No Bias At Tim Hortons

A Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed allegations of racism by Tim Hortons customers and staff in Calgary. Investigators said they could find no evidence the restaurant discriminated against Indigenous people: "Excuse me, sir." READ MORE

Hill Job Is $4.3B & Counting

Taxpayers have spent $3.04 billion to date on Parliament Hill renovations with a further $1.26 billion budgeted and billions more in unknown costs, says the Department of Public Works. It is “difficult to forecast”, wrote staff. READ MORE

Labour Promise Is Shelved

The Department of Labour has indefinitely shelved a 2015 Liberal campaign promise to revive a fair wages program for federal contractors. “We are reflecting carefully,” wrote staff. READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Jack Best

Hockey Night In Moscow

There were only about half a dozen indoor rinks in all of Moscow in those days. We practiced on the Americans, who weren’t very good, but had a defence attaché who’d played football for the Baltimore Colts. That guy was rough on his skates but he seemed to worry the KGB secret police who came to watch our practices.  A few times the agents got a puck in the stands and were lucky to keep their teeth. Our team defeated the Czech embassy two years in a row but we lost to Tass, the Soviet News Agency.