Feared Flak Over Carbon Tax

Staff in a secret 2018 memo to the Prime Minister warned of “negative media coverage” of federal advertising of carbon tax rebates. The $1,253,011 ad blitz timed before the 2019 election found few Canadians understood the rebate program: "There are risks." READ MORE

Covid Curbs May Last Years

Pandemic controls may continue “for some time” into 2021 and as late as 2023, the Public Health Agency said yesterday. The Agency in a document noted researchers are still trying to develop a vaccine for a Mideast coronavirus identified eight years ago: "We need to temper people’s expectations." READ MORE

Titanic Letter A Nt’l Treasure

A hastily-scrawled letter by a Halifax businessman drowned on the Titanic was blocked from export as a cultural treasure, a federal agency disclosed. The Cultural Property Export Review Board called the haunting note an “outstanding” piece of Canadiana: "She will sail in a few minutes so I am writing this in a hurry." READ MORE

Not Sure GM Foods Are Safe

Canadians are divided on whether genetically modified foods are safe to eat. The finding in a survey by federal inspectors follows the defeat of a 2017 Commons bill mandating labels on GM foods: "Why is labeling a bad idea?" READ MORE

Liberals Down To 155 Seats

The Liberals’ minority Parliament is down to 155 seats in the 338-seat Commons with the abrupt resignation of a Toronto MP. Michael Levitt, two-term MP for York Centre, yesterday said he is quitting effective September 1: "Now is the time." READ MORE

No Factory But $113M Orders

A Québec company was awarded $113,486,868 in sole-sourced federal orders for pandemic masks though it didn't have a factory in Canada. MPs have demanded to see terms of the contract with AMD Medicom Inc., the only Canadian vendor to win a ten-year federal contract: "Is the federal government picking winners and losers?" READ MORE

CBC-TV Breaches Ethics Code

CBC-TV producers declined comment after breaching the network’s own ethics code in failing to disclose a pundit works as a federal contractor. Journalistic Standards And Practices at the CBC state “it is important to mention any association, affiliation or specific interest a guest or commentator may have so the public can fully understand that person’s perspective.” READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Senator Fabian Manning

St. Bride’s

Electricity did not come to our town until 1968. Then came television, one channel, the CBC. We didn’t have recreation centres or fast food restaurants, yet we thought we had it all. I understand we cannot turn back the clock to the days of my boyhood.