Book Review: The Unfrozen

Ottawa has more statues than any city in the land. As public art and political statements they run the gamut: haunting, contrived, tiresome, outrageous and wonderful, like the exhausted figure of Harold Fisher, head bowed, that’s survived a hundred winters on Carling Avenue. Fisher as mayor built one of Canada’s first municipal hospitals in 1924, an era when surgery meant charity wards for the poor and spas for the wealthy. Ratepayers placed Fisher and his free public hospital in a cornfield where land was cheap. Surrounding acres over time became one of the prettiest collections of pre-war bungalows in a neighbourhood still called Civic Hospital. Fisher’s inscription reads: “If you would see his monument, look around you.” Beautiful. Tours Inside the Snow Globe is fresh and intriguing, an investigation of statuary written at the close of an era that saw street protestors decapitate John A. Macdonald. Only a sociologist could explain what happened. Luckly, author Tonya Davidson is one of those. READ MORE

Says Newsrooms Will Vanish

Canadian news will vanish if private TV networks fail, the CEO of Bell Canada Enterprises yesterday told the Commons heritage committee. “Without a Canadian broadcasting system there will be no news except maybe the CBC,” testified CEO Mirko Bibic: "We need to figure out how to keep Canadian news alive." READ MORE

CEO Defending $8M Bonuses

The Canada Infrastructure Bank “has really hit its stride,” Ehren Cory, the Bank’s $600,000-a year CEO, told the Commons transport committee. MPs questioned why bonuses ate up a fifth of the Bank’s operating revenues last year: "Do you think that’s justifiable?" READ MORE

Critics Ridicule Spanking Bill

Critics on the Commons justice committee yesterday ridiculed a New Democrat bill to regulate parents’ discipline of children in the home. Conservative MP Frank Caputo (Kamloops-Thompson, B.C.), a father of three and former Crown prosecutor, questioned whether a tap on the wrist would be criminalized: "When should a parent be subject to criminal law?" READ MORE

Fear Labour Bill Goes Too Far

A proposed ban on replacement workers in the federal private sector will give small union locals disproportionate control over the Canadian economy, employers yesterday told MPs. Business and farm groups asked the Commons human resources committee to repeal or rewrite Bill C-58: "This is a bad idea." READ MORE

Waffen SS Ovation Horrifying

The Commons’ standing ovation for a Nazi collaborator was horrifying, the Canadian Polish Congress yesterday told the House affairs committee. MPs continue to investigate the September 22 incident that saw VIP treatment for a member of the Waffen SS, a criminal organization: "There is no ambiguity." READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Mike Lake, MP

What Does Jaden Dream Of?

Once I had a specific idea of what parenthood would be like. I was competitive as a young man, and was sure when my wife Debi and I had children I’d teach them to compete: I’d build a backyard rink and devise fun drills and help them make it to the NHL. Instead I learned about compassion. At 18 months Jaden was babbling constantly, but never formed words. The pediatrician said, “He’s a boy – he’ll grow out of it.” If I saw a boy like Jaden now, I would know within minutes he had autism.