Guilbeault Garbles Tax Claim

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault yesterday garbled figures in claiming the carbon tax has cut greenhouse gas emissions by a third. Guilbeault itemized figures totaling about two percent of emissions, not 33 percent: "I will be the first one to recognize it is complex." READ MORE

Find Little Carbon Tax Benefit

The carbon tax has no impact on most greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, a Department of Environment manager said yesterday. John Moffet, assistant deputy minister, said the fuel tax likely affected only a third of emissions at best: "It is impossible." READ MORE

Stop Criticizing, Says Fraser

Housing Minister Sean Fraser yesterday said critics must “not interfere” in his plan to build 3.9 million homes. Fraser’s remarks followed an observation from one MP that the construction target would require a new home to be built every 60 seconds: "Have a field day." READ MORE

Tree Scheme To Take 26 Years

It will take a generation to see any climate benefit from cabinet’s proposal to plant two billion trees, the Department of Natural Resources said yesterday. The 2019 election promise announced by then-Environment Minister Catherine McKenna will cost $5.9 billion, by Budget Office estimate: "I can’t give an exact date on when the two billion trees will be planted exactly." READ MORE

Seek True Immigration Data

Cabinet should count all foreigners let into Canada in its annual Immigration Levels Plan, the Senate social affairs committee said yesterday. The true number is quadruple the official figure: "The Department of Immigration bears the majority of responsibility." READ MORE

New Democrats Save Fergus

Commons Speaker Greg Fergus yesterday saved his job with NDP support after again breaching rules on non-partisanship. Fergus earlier complained critics held him to a “higher standard” because he is Black: "Being the first, you are held to a higher standard." READ MORE

Stung By Christmas Backlash

The Canadian Human Rights Commission was so upset by a backlash over Christmas it says it feared for staff safety. The Commission in 2023 provoked an uproar in Parliament after publishing a report denouncing Christmas as a racist observance “grounded in Canada’s history of colonialism." READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Larry Campbell

Kiev, 2012

I was assigned as an international observer to watch several rural polls in Ukrainian parliamentary elections. I had few expectations. I had never been in Ukraine, or for that matter been an observer. It was clear in listening to speakers and talking to others that the elections themselves were a foregone conclusion. The government had the money and controls the media. As one Ukrainian told me, “What does it matter who I vote for?” Along with an MP from Sweden, a driver and an interpreter we set out from Kiev to polling booths two hours away in rural countryside. I was in disbelief.