Review: His Eyes Gave Him Away

On the job at the CBC, producer John Scully recalls a supervisor once reprimanded him for doing a crossword puzzle on company time. Scully ducked out for lunch with his wife and began to sob: “Not just a few drops, but waterfalls of howling public pain,” he writes. “People looked away in embarrassment, but I didn’t care where I was. I was grieving, grieving so passionately for the loss of my skills and the lack of understanding from my bosses. The crying lasted half an hour.” The product of Scully’s torment is Am I Sane Yet? Clinically depressed for years – he has consulted forty doctors – Scully is also a skilled journalist with the concise eloquence you’d expect of someone who served fifty years in the newsroom. He is able to do what many other mentally ill Canadians cannot: document his own descent into self-agony. READ MORE

Out-Lobbied General Motors

We Charity did more lobbying on Parliament Hill than General Motors, newly-released records show. The charity lists eighteen employees as federal lobbyists: "At the time we thought it was minimal." READ MORE

11% Of Scales Are Inaccurate

A tenth of grocery store weigh scales don’t give honest measurements, says a federal audit. The Department of Industry said drivers also have a 1 in 25 chance of being cheated at the pumps: "You get a ticket, you pay a fine. You get another ticket, you pay a fine." READ MORE

$450K For Carrots In Arctic

The Canadian Space Agency is spending $450,000 to show Nunavut residents how to grow carrots in the Arctic. The Agency justified the spending as research on future food production in outer space: "That may one day help astronauts grow food off Earth." READ MORE

Tax Snoop Firing Is Upheld

A federal labour board has upheld the firing of a longtime Canada Revenue Agency employee for snooping through tax files. The discipline is only the latest since the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in 2013 cited the Agency for “disturbing” laxity in privacy breaches: "621 unauthorized accesses is a very large number." READ MORE

Laments We Charity Fallout

Fallout from We Charity investigations have impacted the entire sector nationwide, the Commons government operations committee was told yesterday. Charities faced pandemic layoffs and revenue declines even before disclosures of close ties between We Charity and cabinet: "Hell, the committee that hands out Orders of Canada thought they were okay." READ MORE

Borrow Half-Trillion In Days

Cabinet borrowed more than a half-trillion dollars in 120 days, according to the Department of Finance. No date has been fixed for tabling of a 2020 federal budget: "There will need to be a sharp turn; temporary measures will have to be temporary." READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Francesco Sorbara, MP


There is an old Italian proverb, “Time is a perfect gentleman.” Italians came to Canada with nothing. Theirs was not a celebrated arrival. There were no Welcome Wagons or resettlement programs or language training. Canada was our land of opportunity. My grandfather vowed it was our responsibility to work hard and expect nothing from the government. He explained it in a word known to every Italian who immigrated to Canada in those postwar years: sacrifici.