Agency Halts Computer Sales

No state secrets were disclosed in the inadvertent sale of encrypted hard drives to a used equipment dealer, the Communications Security Establishment said yesterday. The foreign spy agency said no one was fired for the security breach, but that it's halted all resale of used computers: "We now physically destroy our electronic assets." READ MORE

$400K For Senate Video Votes

The Senate spent more than $400,000 to hold videoconference sittings including free computers for members, the chamber was told yesterday. Total costs of so-called hybrid meetings were not disclosed: "It is money well spent." READ MORE

‘What Is Average Wait Time?’

The Department of Veterans Affairs yesterday said it will take at least until 2022 to eliminate a lengthy backlog of benefit claims by disabled veterans. Officials testifying at the Commons veterans affairs committee could not estimate current average wait times: "There are a variety." READ MORE

Plastics Ban “A Fight”: Exec

Cabinet appears to have skewed data to justify tighter regulation of consumer plastics, an industry executive said yesterday. MPs have yet to open hearings on a proposed ban of six products and blacklisting of plastics as toxic under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act: "We find ourselves in a fight with our own federal government." READ MORE

Wants Teeth In Regulations

Federal agencies that breach contracting rules should have to pay the true cost of compensation to suppliers, Procurement Ombudsman Alexander Jeglic said yesterday. Current rules limit damages to a few thousand dollars: "At times like these, Canadians must be assured their government is exercising responsible stewardship over public funds." READ MORE

Gov’t Shelves 1985 Sales Plan

The Department of Public Works has quietly shelved a longstanding plan to sell the last federally-owned bridges, roads and dams nationwide. No buyers could be found after a thirty-five year search, wrote auditors: "There is currently no market demand." READ MORE

Gov’t Auctioned Secret Data

Canada’s foreign spy agency unwittingly auctioned federal secrets at a computer equipment sale. Access To Information records withheld four years disclosed the Communications Security Establishment only learned of the security breach when the buyer of discounted hard drives reported the fact: "Do you guys actually open up the computers and check?" READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Harry Narine Singh, In Memoriam

White Canada

People of my ethnic background, people of African descent, Chinese – they didn’t want you. You didn’t fit. You did not belong in this society at all at that time. You know I once met Mr. Diefenbaker. He shook my hand. He said, “My name is John Diefenbaker.” I said, “Yes, sir, I know your name!” He said, “Do you know I have argued your case in Parliament? Trust me,” he said. “When I become Prime Minister I’ll open the doors from the Caribbean to Canada” – which he did.