Review: The Kids

Sixteen-year olds can marry in Nova Scotia but require a court’s approval in Québec. Twelve-year olds can work in Alberta with a note from Mother, but in Manitoba must obtain permission of the Minister of Labour. “In Yukon, the law requires youth to stay at home until they are legally adults” – at 19 – “and those who leave before that are considered runaways,” explains The Law Is (Not) For Kids. Authors Ned Lecic and Marvin Zuker review the hodgepodge of provincial regulation of minors in this intriguing book. “We think Canadian youth should be asking for more legal rights,” authors explain. “At the same time, we will say very little in this book about exactly what rights we think you should have. That is a very complex question, and we encourage you to think for yourself about what rights adults should give you, and to find good reasons why you should be given those rights.” READ MORE

Vax Passport Use Wide Open

The Department of Citizenship yesterday said it placed no restrictions on domestic use of a vaccine passport for Canadians immunized against Covid, but did not expect it to be used for ID. Parliamentary committees have repeatedly opposed any attempts to introduce a national identity card, while one privacy commissioner last year ruled Canadians cannot be forced to surrender health information for ID purposes: 'No person shall require an individual to produce a health services number as a condition of receiving a product or service other than a health service.' READ MORE

Vax Challenge At $1,000 Each

Federal employees opposed to compulsory vaccination yesterday launched a $1,000-per worker fundraising drive to mount a legal challenge of the cabinet order. The campaign came as a former privacy commissioner described vaccine mandates as abhorrent: "We have to preserve our personal freedom and liberty and not give into the dictates of governments." READ MORE

CBC Will Seal The Buildings

The CBC yesterday said it will seal all its buildings from unvaccinated visitors in the most extreme Covid precaution of any Crown corporation. The ban on unimmunized people includes the general public, contractors and TV and radio guests: "Any individual who does not meet this requirement will be refused access." READ MORE

Travel Test OK ‘Til December

A threatened vaccine order on air and rail passengers will not apply until November 30 at the earliest and will not be compulsory, the Department of Transport said yesterday. Unvaccinated domestic travelers can board with proof of a negative Covid test, similar to rules for international travelers introduced last winter: 'Details on exceptions will be provided in coming days.' READ MORE

Gun Plan Is 34% Over Budget

A federal gun buy-back program is already 34 percent over budget, according to Access To Information records disclosed yesterday by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. The Parliamentary Budget Office earlier warned an identical program in New Zealand doubled in cost: 'It has all the makings of another boondoggle.' READ MORE

RCMP Run Vast Bitcoin Sting

RCMP conducted a “vast” four-year undercover probe of bitcoin dealers suspected of laundering drug money in Canada, records show. The sting operation was prompted by tips from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and tax auditors in Washington, D.C.: "Look man, do you even care where some of the money comes from?" READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Paul Bryan

The Night They Raided The Internet

The internet is a new medium. I thought it was worth fighting for. People should not be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of people, especially people who become more informed on issues. That is what changed about our democracy, the level of discourse by citizens. I think they wanted to make an example of me. I believed it was an unjustifiable restriction on freedom of expression. I thumbed my nose at authority and waited for the knock on the door. And there was a knock on the door.