China Cops Were Here: MPs

A Commons committee yesterday acknowledged the Chinese Communist Party operated “police service stations” in Canada. Critics had ridiculed the suggestion “so-called Chinese police stations” were spying on local communities in three cities: 'Witnesses emphasized they harass and intimidate individuals who are critical of China.' READ MORE

Christmas Report Upsets MPs

MPs yesterday condemned a Canadian Human Rights Commission report calling Christmas “an obvious example” of intolerance and colonialism. People must be free to celebrate Jesus’ birth without hectoring, the Commons was told: "I wonder if good old Santa Claus is racist. I wonder if snow has become racist." READ MORE

Committee Calls In Auditors

MPs have called in federal auditors to determine how and why $8 million was spent on a solar-powered warehouse at Rideau Hall. Members of the Commons public accounts committee called the expense extraordinary: "It is literally just one big racket, the racket at Rideau." READ MORE

Phoenix Bungle Now $3.5B

The federal Phoenix Pay System failure has cost taxpayers $3.5 billion and counting, the highest figure disclosed to date. The expense was reported to the Commons government operations committee: "How could this happen?" READ MORE

MPs OK Animal Activist Bill

The Commons yesterday by a 278 to 36 vote passed a farm trespass ban targeting animal rights protesters. “These groups encourage unlawful behaviour,” said Conservative MP John Barlow (Foothills, Alta.), sponsor of the bill: "Our family farms do not feel safe." READ MORE

Asked The Question 32 Times

MPs on the Commons government operations committee yesterday were unable to identify who awarded a sweetheart contract to an ArriveCan consultant. They asked 32 times. “Nobody wants to take responsibility,” said Conservative MP Garnett Genuis (Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.): "While everything is broken nobody ever takes responsibility." READ MORE

Gov’t Reneges On NDP Pact

Cabinet yesterday reneged on a 2022 vote pact with New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh. A written promise to pass pharmacare legislation by December 31 will not be met, said ministers: "Well, yes, I don’t think we’re going to get it passed by the end of this year." READ MORE

Guest Commentary

John Nunziata

How To Win Elections

We had an inexperienced canvasser, and she was upset because she had a few doors slammed in her face by people who weren’t supporting the candidate. I said, don’t worry about it. Of every ten doors you knock on, five aren’t even going to vote. All you need is two-and-a-half people to identify, and if we get them out on election day, we’re sailing. If your goal is good government, then sure, voter turnout matters. If you’re concerned about living in a true democracy then hell yes, it matters. But if your only goal is to win power then no, turnout doesn’t really matter.