Appointee OK’d $394K Grant

A Liberal-appointed director of a federal foundation acknowledges he voted to award $393,805 in grants to a Québec company in which he had a direct interest. “We all declared conflicts of interest – well, not everyone,” Guy Ouimet testified at the Commons industry committee: "I have acted in good faith." READ MORE

Spent $199.2M On Paperwork

Cabinet has spent almost $200 million on carbon tax paperwork since Parliament introduced the fuel charge in 2019, new records show. Hundreds of federal employees administer the tax described by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault as the cheapest, “most efficient” way to cut greenhouse gas emissions: "Carbon pricing is central to our climate plan." READ MORE

Prisoner Upkeep Now $222K

The cost of keeping federal prisoners in a maximum security penitentiary now averages almost a quarter million a year, new documents show. The Correctional Service blamed fixed costs in what is one of the world's most expensive prison systems: 'The staff-to-inmate ratio is one to one.' READ MORE

Must Guard Freedoms: MPs

Cabinet must establish a federal task force to protect religious freedoms, the Commons justice committee yesterday wrote in a report to Parliament. Canadians should be free to attend a Hebrew school or menorah lighting without harassment, said one MP: 'Without freedom of religion, there actually is no freedom.' READ MORE

Can’t Say That In Parliament

Calling the Prime Minister a liar yesterday saw Conservative MP Damien Kurek (Battle River-Crowfoot, Alta.) ejected from the Commons for unparliamentary language. “He lied,” Kurek said after leaving the chamber: "The Prime Minister lied. His minions continue to lie." READ MORE

There Is No Plan, Says CMHC

Cabinet has no plan to solve the housing crisis, the CEO of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation said yesterday. “There is not a plan,” Bowers testified at the Senate national finance committee: "I just need an answer; is there a plan yet?" READ MORE

Feds Faked Inspection Claims

Employment Minister Randy Boissonnault’s department misrepresented inspection claims under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, records show. Of 2,139 “inspections” on migrant labour it reported last year fewer than a tenth were actual random, in-person checks in the workplace: "We are building awareness." READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Baltej Dhillon

Proud To Serve

As a man, if you cannot anchor yourself in something that is honourable and has integrity then you have nothing. I remember the first week as RCMP cadets, we got our uniforms. I was trying on my turban and my troop mates came running: “Oh, I want see what that looks like!” This was the first turban the RCMP had issued to a Sikh member. I said, “Do you guys want to try it on?” We all took turns and they took photos of themselves with the turban. The controversy came later.