$350,000,000,000 For Covid-19

Cabinet has granted itself unprecedented powers to borrow $350 billion for pandemic relief programs, a sum greater than last year’s entire federal budget. Wartime spending powers were approved by Parliament in a bill that passed the Commons in fifteen minutes: "We made this decision together." READ MORE

OK’d $5.6M In Climate Cash

A federal pandemic preparedness agency that's run short of Covid-19 face masks spent millions on climate change programs last year, accounts show. Spending by the Public Health Agency of Canada included a half-million grant for “science and storytelling regarding climate change”. READ MORE

Can’t Get Answers, Say MPs

MPs yesterday told the Commons health committee they can’t get straight answers on the scope of pandemic equipment shortages. Cabinet said it is spending $2 billion on masks, ventilators, test kits, medical gowns and gloves: "Canadians have a right to know." READ MORE

Paid $70K For #MeToo Study

The Department of Women and Gender Equality paid a pollster $69,562 to gauge Canadians’ views on the #MeToo movement. Staff said the spending would “inform future efforts to shift attitudes in Canada that contribute to gendered inequalities.” READ MORE

Worried For “Food Security”

The Department of Health yesterday said it's worried about the nation’s food supply. Farmers have complained delays in allowing migrant workers into Canada may upset fruit, vegetable and greenhouse production: "Food security in particular is a topic of great concern for the government." READ MORE

MPs Finding Strings Attached

MPs yesterday complained hurriedly-announced federal pandemic relief programs have strings attached that disqualify Canadians they were intended to help. Cabinet has yet to spell out regulations for billions in Covid-19 relief: "It makes no sense." READ MORE

Memo Details Internet Fears

The Department of Industry in an Access To Information report claims self-regulation of the internet is “inadequate” and warns Parliament must police content. The 2019 memo predates a January 29 proposal to create a first-ever national registry of internet news websites: "Those words scare the hell out of me." READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Linda Thom

You Gotta Have Heart

Even as an 8-year old I had a sense that I wanted to go to the Olympics and I promised myself if I was ever good enough to compete in any event I would work my heart out to get on the Canadian Olympic Team. From the earliest age I recall being fascinated with typical girlish things: throwing knives, axes, climbing trees.  I liked the cowboy stories on the radio: the Lone Ranger, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers.