Canada’s Most Stressful Job

Federal research confirms paramedics have the most stressful job in the country. Employees are four times more likely to suffer workplace injuries and four times likelier to suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder than other workers, said Defence Research and Development Canada: "I am stunned at these numbers." READ MORE

Feds To “Balance” Ad Buys

Cabinet says it will restore “balance” to federal advertising after MPs protested cuts to spending at Canadian newspapers.  Members of the Commons government operations committee said overspending on U.S.-owned Google, Facebook and YouTube ads made no sense: "It’s taking revenue out of struggling Canadian media outlets." READ MORE

Lawyers Protest Cash Claims

The Federation of Law Societies yesterday rejected claims the profession is susceptible to unregulated cash dealings involving suspicious customers. The Supreme Court in 2015 ruled federal agencies could not compel lawyers to breach solicitor-client privilege by reporting cash dealings: "They are looking for things that don’t look right." READ MORE

‘I Wouldn’t Trust The CTA’

The Canadian Transportation Agency is already conducting closed-door talks with airlines on a passenger bill of rights, a consumer advocate yesterday told the Senate transport committee. Senators were cautioned the Agency should not be trusted to balance traveler protection with airline obligations: "I wouldn't trust them with a cup of water." READ MORE

Airport Sued Over French

A French-language rights advocate has won a $1,250 Federal Court cost award in a lawsuit over an airport help desk. The Halifax International Airport Authority apologized that most volunteer helpers cannot understand French: "This gentleman sounds very litigious." READ MORE

Screaming Manager Faulted

A hot-tempered federal manager has been cited for high-decibel breaches of the Values & Ethics Code For The Public Sector. Brigitte de Blois, a director at the Correctional Service, yesterday declined comment on complaints she slammed doors, pounded desks and berated employees as morons: "Shut your mouth, we aren’t allowed to laugh around here." READ MORE

Feds See Ocean Graves Plan

Parks Canada proposes new regulations to protect war graves at sea. More than 150 wrecks are in Canadian waters, authorities told the Commons transport committee: "For our sailors there are no pristine, manicured cemeteries." READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Hon. Erin O'Toole, MP


The military opened its first operational stress clinic in 2002. This is how recent the response has been to mental health issues in the military. We still don’t talk about it as openly as we should. For many years mental illness was hidden, and sufferers were isolated.  One Yukon MP, George Black, commanded a machine gun company in WWI that left him deeply scarred. As Speaker of the Commons, Black patrolled Parliament Hill with a .22 calibre pistol shooting rabbits. He was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown in 1935; the newspapers said only that Black “was not well”.