No Joy At Airports: Research

Frequent flyers are most likely to be dissatisfied with the airport experience, according to research by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority. The agency said “target customers” – Canadians who fly more than 11 times in a two-year period – are likelier to grumble over security lineups: 'It doesn't make any difference'. READ MORE

Feds Trucking Rules Upheld

An Alberta company has lost a bid for exemption from federal trucking regulations though its delivery vehicles cross provincial boundaries. The Supreme Court declined to hear the case from the firm fined $10,000 for breaching the Motor Vehicle Transportation Act: "Even for constitutional lawyers it's not clear-cut". READ MORE

Cabinet Vows Vigorous Reply On Claims That It Broke Law

Cabinet hints it will appeal a court ruling that it may have breached constitutional rights with a 2014 bill on territorial development permits. The ruling by the Northwest Territories Supreme Court halts enforcement of a bill earlier praised by the Prime Minister’s Office as a “notable achievement”: "It defies logic as to why Canada proceeded in this way". READ MORE

32% Claim Victims Of Fraud

Nearly a third of Canadians surveyed say they are victims of financial fraud, says research by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. The group said the high rate suggested many offences are never reported to police: "Not everybody puts up their hand". READ MORE

Odd CRTC Order Questioned

Anti-spam regulators are threatening a Canadian company with a $1.1 million fine, the largest ever filed. In an unusual notice, the CRTC failed to detail the extent of the breach of regulations, and suggested the company may not have to pay any fine at all: "What has been done that's wrong?" READ MORE

Climate Impact Catastrophic In The North: Federal Report

Canada’s North faces “catastrophic” damage to roads and utilities due to climate change, says a Standards Council of Canada report. The document proposing new standards on municipal drainage systems follows earlier studies that warned of building collapse and crumbling airfields related to global warming: "The costs would add up very quickly". READ MORE

Vimy Budget’s Cut 10 Percent

The budget for a signature war memorial project has been cut 10 percent on warnings that money is tight. The funding for a new visitor centre at Vimy, France was announced with fanfare two years ago: "Funding is limited". READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Senator Donald Plett

Speaking Of Discrimination

Freedom of religion is not being applied equally in our country. Self-described Christians represent 69% of Canadians; our Constitution is based on Christian principles; our national holidays follow the Christian calendar; yet when it comes to freedom of religion and freedom of speech, we are leaving Christianity out. We are falling into the trap of political correctness; the trap of what should be said and what cannot be said. However, if we want to be defenders of freedom of religion, we need to stand up for freedom of all religion.