$200 Or Less: Feds Eye Trivial Cash Deals In Terrorist Hunt

Cash transactions of as little as $200 or less are being monitored by a federal agency mandated to monitor terror financing, a Senate committee has been told. The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada confirmed it monitors even trivial cash transactions deemed “suspicious” by banks: "It's way overboard". READ MORE

Says Post Cuts Must Proceed

Canada Post will proceed with plans to abolish home mail delivery despite a Federal Court challenge and protest petitions with 202,00 signatures to date, the corporation says. The first service cuts to some 100,000 homeowners were introduced this week in five cities: 'We're confident'. READ MORE

Bill Favours U.S.-Style Ads

A bill before the Commons would see Parliament enact a U.S.-style “stand by your ad” law on political advertising. MP Kevin Lamoureux, Deputy Liberal House Leader, said his bill is inspired by American practices upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003: "I'm --- and I endorsed this message". READ MORE

Feds Stuck With Four White Elephants: Toxic Destroyers

The navy is struggling for ways to decontaminate aging, toxic warships following a failed attempt to turn one PCB-laced destroyer escort into an artificial reef. Four vessels are to be scrapped over the next five years: "The value proposition here doesn't make sense". READ MORE

Pay More, Hire More: Study

Raising the minimum wage has no impact on long-term hiring by Canadian employers, says a Unifor study. Research tracked wage data and employment rates over a thirty-year period in concluding that fears of rate hikes as a job-killer are misplaced: "There is no statistical relationship". READ MORE

Local Gov’t Gets Shrugs From Voters Under 34: PCO Survey

Newly-released federal research points to dismal youth voter turnout in pending civic elections in five provinces. Polling for the Privy Council Office noted Canadians under 34 typically see little connection to civic government: "When was the last time you saw a municipal Twitter feed?” READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Arch MacKenzie, In Memorium

The Good & The Bad

Editor’s note: Arch MacKenzie, a longtime Parliament Hill reporter and Canadian Press bureau chief, died of pneumonia last June 23 at age 88. In his last interview MacKenzie recalled parliamentary personalities – good and bad – in the 1950s. Following is an transcribed excerpt of his conversation with Blacklock’s publisher Holly Doan on October 14, 2009: "The worst MP I ever saw?..."

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