Tory Dissenters Condemn 377

Two Conservative Senators who voted to kill union bill C-377 say the measure remains flawed, and ripe for constitutional challenge. The two were the only members of the government caucus to support a motion to strike the Conservative bill before Second Reading: "I find it offensive, to tell the truth". READ MORE

Fear Drones Target Seal Hunt

Seal hunters are asking MPs to expand a security cordon around their annual harvest for fear media and protesters will use camera drones to take video and photographs. The Seals & Sealing Network said media scrutiny is stressful for hunters: “They cannot work as well when they have a camera filming them". READ MORE

B.C. Aquaculture Fees Are No “Tool” To Regulate, Say Feds

Aquaculture fees are “not the right tool” to regulate the environmental impact of fish farms, says a federal official. A proposed fee schedule to take effect by year’s end will see British Columbia operators pay 10 percent of the cost of federal oversight of the industry: "The world needs fish". READ MORE

Canada Post Has Great Year

Canada Post reports another surprise quarterly profit, and says original forecasts of a disastrous drop in 2014 revenues appear unfounded. The Crown corporation estimated revenues on its core post office business increased $100 million since January to $4.5 billion to date: 'They panicked and cut, cut, cut'. READ MORE

Publisher Pays On Trademark

One of the country’s largest media publishers has been hit with a $28,000 judgment over trademark infringement. A Federal Court judge cited Black Press Group Ltd. for a copycat publication that violated an Alberta company’s trademark: 'They kept on using it'. READ MORE

Pipeline Protest Won’t Alter Law, Says Resource Minister

Cabinet will not reopen energy regulatory hearings to the general public despite clashes over a British Columbia pipeline project, says the Minister of Natural Resources. Greg Rickford reaffirmed only Canadians “directly affected” by projects should be permitted at hearings of the National Energy Board: "There will always be a difference of opinion". READ MORE

Union Bill Survives First Test

A contentious Conservative labour bill C-377 last evening survived its first test in the Senate on word the government aims to pass it within sixty days. Senators voted 42 to 28 to reject a motion to defeat the bill. Two Conservatives supported the motion declaring it "erroneous" and unconstitutional: "I don't know the appetite yet for a flat-out mutiny". READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Wladyslaw Lizon, MP

The Gift

I was part of the Solidarity movement. We stood, striking, against tanks and riot police. We had no weapons but the encouragement of people, and the clandestine broadcasts we’d pick up from Radio Free Europe and Voice of America. And, we had the church.

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