Farmers Sue On Milk Mark

Dairy Farmers of Canada are asking a federal judge to define “milk” in a trademark dispute with a California company. Farmers filed a court application to overturn a 2008 trademark for non-dairy Monster Milk for athletes: 'The average consumer is likely to believe it is dairy milk'. READ MORE

Would Put Cameras On Cops

Public Safety Canada must mandate body-worn minicams for RCMP officers, says a Conservative MP. The Mounties have ordered a national feasibility study on assigning body-worn miniature video recorders to all frontline officers: "It gives much better evidence". READ MORE

CBC Appeals Court Ruling

The CBC is appealing a Federal Court ruling that would see the Crown broadcaster subject to scrutiny by Canada’s Official Languages Commissioner. Attorneys argued in the Court of Appeal the cash-strapped corporation is already regulated like other networks by the CRTC: "Why do we need two different bodies to do the same thing?" READ MORE

Another Bad Year For Forests

Forest fires continue to burn longer and hotter in national forests, says Natural Resources Canada. Fire damage last year was more than double the 10-year average, according to newly-released data: 'It's climate change'. READ MORE

Pension Age Is 67 — For Now

Cabinet has no plans “at this time” to further raise Old Age Security eligibility after increasing the age from 65 to 67. Officials at Employment & Social Development Canada said they assumed the pension scheme is financially sound, though one told a Senate committee: “I couldn’t even hazard a guess.” READ MORE

Heritage Site’s A Quake Risk

Fears of an earthquake on Parliament Hill have prompted Public Works Canada to hire “seismic experts” to assess one of Canada’s oldest heritage buildings, the East Block. Authorities said a top-to-bottom study of the 1867 structure is needed. The block is home to John A. Macdonald’s original office: 'It's a fine example of Gothic Revival architecture'. READ MORE

Insurers Warn Prices Rise If DNA Test Ban Is Approved

Canadians will pay more for insurance if the Senate passes legislation restricting use of genetic tests, insurers warn. Industry executives said a bill to outlaw DNA “discrimination” will see all premiums rise: 'The will go up dramatically'. READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Mike Lake, MP

What Does Jaden Dream Of?

Once I had a specific idea of what parenthood would be like. I was competitive as a young man, and was sure when my wife Debi and I had children I’d teach them to compete: I’d build a backyard rink and devise fun drills and help them make it to the NHL. Instead I learned about compassion.

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