Cut CBC News: Tory Senator

CBC should cut all news and sports content to focus exclusively on Canadian drama, films and other artistic programming, says the deputy chair of the Senate communications committee. Leo Housakos dismissed the Crown broadcaster’s coverage as mere repetition of programming available from other media: "Everyone is doing news". READ MORE

Public Wary Of Foreign Wars

Canadians are wary of foreign combat missions with a majority, 57 percent, saying the military should stick to domestic and continental defence. The finding is contained in Department of National Defence in-house research: "Canadians are split". READ MORE

Vow No Ethics Bill Loopholes

Exemptions to a federal anti-corruption bill will not see Canadian mining companies evade disclosure of offshore payments, says a trade group. The Canadian Mining Association pledged full disclosure of payments under long-promised ethics legislation: "It captures everything we do". READ MORE

Says Feds Weak On Privacy

Federal agencies remain lackadaisical on privacy protection with a doubling of reported breaches last year, according to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Newly-appointed privacy chief Daniel Therrien refused an interview on his findings: "Is there a disconnect?" READ MORE

55% More To Mail In Canada

Taxpayers are seeing few dividends from Canada Post with ‘unfair’ fee increases and service cuts, the Senate has been told. The protest follows complaints one business was charged a 55% premium to post goods within Canada compared to the U.S.: "It's not good enough". READ MORE

Doctors Seek Junk Food Taxes

Legislators should tax soda pop and restrict "irresponsible" marketing of processed foods that target children, a pediatricians’ group has told the Senate science committee. The Childhood Obesity Foundation said the country faces a “significant toll in terms of the dollars cost and lives lost” due to calorie-laden food. READ MORE

Labour Bill Revived In Senate

The Senate has quietly revived a bill that would force unions to divulge confidential information on a government website. Bill C-377 had languished since a 2013 revolt by Conservatives stripped provisions to compel disclosure of financial data under threat of $1,000-a day fines: "We thought it was dead". READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Senator Nancy Greene Raine

10,000 Steps A Day

The Government of Canada should ban all advertising of unhealthy food and drink products to children. We are paying a high price in poor eating habits, with the resulting obesity, diabetes and disease. You can buy all the advertising you want saying “eat veggies” but the government can never out-advertise the junk food industry.

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