Review: A Long Trail A-Winding

When Parliament passed the Employment Equity Act in 1986 the Globe & Mail celebrated it as an initiative “aimed at making the workplace fairer for women, the disabled and visible minorities.” Yet in 170 years the Globe has never hired an editor-in-chief who was not a white male. Such ironies abound in Employment Equity In Canada, a snappy account of the nation’s struggle with jobsite discrimination. Officialdom never called it affirmative action – “It proved to be a polarizing term”, Equity notes – nor did the program ever approach the scope and intensity of its U.S. cousin. The fact the Act is now in its third decade with little comment from Parliament says plenty. READ MORE

Arctic Junket Costs $786,000

Taxpayers were billed more than $130,000 a day for the Prime Minister’s last Arctic tour, including thousands spent by the cash-strapped Coast Guard to put two icebreakers at his disposal. Overtime by the Prime Minister’s security detail cost more than a quarter-million dollars, records show: "It's just become a great photo-op." READ MORE

Gov’t Short Of Rail Inspectors

Transport Canada says it does not have the rail inspectors it needs to enforce safety rules. A senior official said the department has to date been unable to hire inspectors promised by cabinet a month ago: "It's a bit of a challenge to attract people". READ MORE

Fisheries Wins Lobby Lawsuit

British Columbia halibut fishermen have lost their last legal bid challenging a Department of Fisheries ruling that even staff and caucus said smacked of “political lobbying”. The Supreme Court declined to hear the fishermen’s complaint over a contentious decision on quotas: "Nobody is happy with the process". READ MORE

Alarm Over 315th Page In Bill

Air industry executives are expressing alarm over a little-noticed clause in a budget bill they warn is federal over-reach that compromises a 20-year old airports policy. The amendments were inserted in the 315th page of a 478-page omnibus bill: "Everything is thrown in there and there’s very little time to really analyze". READ MORE

Fishery Science On A Budget

Scientists say they’re relieved a cost-saving proposal to apply marine conservation methods to freshwater fish is being carefully scrutinized by a federal panel. The Science Advisory Secretariat urged caution in adopting the scheme that alarmed marine biologists: 'The gut reaction was concern'. READ MORE

Guest Commentary

Wladyslaw Lizon, MP

The Gift

I was part of the Solidarity movement. We stood, striking, against tanks and riot police. We had no weapons but the encouragement of people, and the clandestine broadcasts we’d pick up from Radio Free Europe and Voice of America. And, we had the church.

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