A Poem: ‘Cool In Summer…’


First came the roofer.


“Your insulation is only 20 centimetres thick,”

he said.

“Kyoto Protocol requires 40;

I can fix it

so your house will be cool in the summer,

warm in the winter.”


Then came the window specialist.


“These are not according to code,” he said,

“They transfer heat from around the frame

and through the glass.

Our new models are tightly sealed

and Argon-insulated;

they will keep your house cool in the summer,

warm in the winter.”


Duct cleaning service was next.


“Clogged with dirt,”

announced the rep,

his tone conveys the gravity of the situation.

“They have to be cleaned

if you want your house to be cool in the summer,

warm in the winter.”


The air-conditioning guy was sweating working on the compressor.


“It’s not worth the repair”, he said,

pointing at the rusty part.

“I could get you a deal

on a brand new central air;

it will really keep your house

cool in the summer.”


The heating technician didn’t waste time.


“It’s only 65 percent efficiency,” he said,

his flashlight’s beam probes the old furnace.

“They don’t make these anymore.

I could send a salesperson

to explain our high-efficiency model;

it will really keep you

warm in the winter.”


Considering a new iron-free, short sleeve shirt

at the sport outfit store.

Associate says

it is made from a hi-tech thread

that transfers moisture

away from the body.


I wonder if it will keep me

cool in the summer.


By Shai Ben-Shalom

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