A Poem: “Far, Far Away”


Villages burned to the ground.

Mass gang rapes.


Genocide in Myanmar.


In Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh,

close to a million Rohingya find refuge.


Among them, Unia,

a proud mother of four.

Today, a mother of two.


Her shelter,

two blankets tied with ropes

held by twigs.


She looks at the camera,

wonders if anyone cares.


Canada listens, responds.


In a unanimous vote,

the House of Commons

passes a motion

to revoke Aung San Suu Kyi’s

honorary citizenship.


Carleton University

even strips her

of honorary doctorate.


(Editor’s note: poet Shai Ben-Shalom, an Israeli-born biologist, examines current events in the Blacklock’s tradition each and every Sunday)

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