A Sunday Poem — “Chess”



Remember your first chess set?

Plastic, hollow pieces, same as those

all your friends had?


Or the luxury set you gave to grandpa for his birthday:

maple and walnut board, rosewood pieces?


Or the one in your living room –

clear and frosted glass, where you still debate

which is black and which is white?


Forget all those.


Your next set will be crafted on this 3-D printer,

customised to your exact style, colour, and size.

Each piece

a marvel of precision engineering,

with accuracy in the range of 20 microns, or

less than half the width of a human hair.


The Game of Kings

will never be the same again.


(Editor’s note: poet Shai Ben-Shalom, an Israeli-born biologist, examines current events in the Blacklock’s tradition each and every Sunday)

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