Here Is What They Voted On

MOTION of Conservative MP Michael Cooper (St. Albert-Edmonton), seconded by Conservative MP Terry Dowdall (Simcoe-Grey, Ont.) “that given reports of foreign interference in Canada’s democratic processes by or on behalf of the Communist regime in Beijing,” the Commons ethics committee be empowered and instructed to study all aspects of foreign interference in relation to the 2019 and 2021 general elections, and that:

a) Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, be ordered to appear before the committee as a witness, for three hours on her own, under oath, no later than Friday, April 14;

b) the following individuals be invited to appear as witnesses before the committee on dates and times to be fixed by the Chair of the Committee, but no later than Friday, May 19:

• Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland;

• Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair;

• Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino;

• Canadian Security Intelligence Service Director David Vigneault;

• Privy Council Clerk Janice Charette;

• Morris Rosenberg, former CEO. Trudeau Foundation;

• John MacBain, former chair. Trudeau Foundation;

• Élise Comtois, former executive director, Trudeau Foundation;

• Liberal, Conservative, Bloc Québécois and NDP 2019 and 2021 national campaign directors;

• John McCallum, former Canadian ambassador to China;

• Jennifer May, current Canadian ambassador to China.

• James Judd, author of a 2019 Critical Election Incident Protocol report;

• All members of 2019 and 2021 election interference fask forces.

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