Poem: “The Very Lonely PM”


In his office,

the Canadian Prime Minister

looks at the world map.


Friends have become hard to find.


The trade irritations with the U.S.

The Huawei headache with China.

The unfortunate visit to India.

The Brazilian “Trump of the Tropics.”

The aggression of Russia in Ukraine.

The Rohingya genocide in Myanmar.

The civil war in South Sudan.

The persecution of LGBTQ in Iran.

The collapse of Venezuela.

The refugees of Syria.

The children of Yemen.


And Britain is busy with Brexit, he thinks,

and France with the Yellow Vests.

They won’t have time for me.


His eyes focus on the Austria-Switzerland border.

“Get me the Prince of Liechtenstein,” he calls,

a grin breaks on his face.

“I just found our new ally.”


(Editor’s note: poet Shai Ben-Shalom, an Israeli-born biologist, writes for Blacklock’s each and every Sunday)

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