Sunday Poem: ‘Forgetfulness’


We remember your role

on the front lines;

will make sure

everybody does.


Your big day is here.


Get ready for the gun salutes;

a flypast by the Air Force;

dignitaries lip-synching O Canada.


And wreaths more elaborate than ever before.


Funny that you mention

our closed regional offices,

lack of resources to treat PTSD,



We had the money, you know;

just didn’t spend it.

Now we can’t remember why.

Perhaps it’s normal to forget

when you’re a 71 year-old department.


But enough about us;

today, it’s about you!


What’s your name again?


(Editor’s note: poet Shai Ben-Shalom, an Israeli-born biologist, examines current events in the Blacklock’s tradition each and every Sunday)

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