‘The Cat That Saw the Light’ A Poem by Shai Ben-Shalom


Sat down

to fix my flashlight.


I unscrew the head,

examine the light bulb,

slide out the old batteries

and insert fresh ones.

I then re-screw the head

and press down the button

for testing.


My cat watches me,



I turn to the TV.


The Federal Ethics Commissioner

investigates potential conflict of interest

when money was paid to Senator Duffy.


The Senate Ethics Officer

looks whether Duffy broke any Senate rules

when agreeing to receive the gift.


In the mix

are the Auditor General,

the media,

the opposition,

the RCMP,

all trying to figure out

who knew what,


and who gave the order

behind closed doors.


I watch the news,



(Editor’s note: the author is an Israeli-born biologist and weekly contributor to Blacklock’s published each and every Sunday).

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